GiveBack Program

Welcome to Furry Forager's GiveBack Program – where we put our love for pets into action. We believe that every pet, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the best shot at a long, healthy life. And we're determined to help make that a reality.

Our GiveBack program is all about bringing the benefits of our wholesome, health-boosting treats to dogs in need – particularly those bravely fighting cancer. The active ingredients in our products, like the turkey tail mushroom extract found in our Bear Bones treats, have been chosen for their known immune-supportive properties.

When you make a purchase or donate through our GiveBack program, we use those funds to supply our beneficial treats to pet shelters and animal healthcare facilities for pets that are battling cancer. In doing so, we aim to provide these resilient companions with the nutritional support they need during their fight.

Whether you're a proactive pet parent who believes in the power of nutrition, or a compassionate animal lover who wants to make a difference, your contribution can significantly impact the lives of pets in need. Together, we can help these brave fighters enjoy more good days with their loved ones.

For those who wish to go above and beyond, we've made it easy to donate directly to our GiveBack program. Any amount you choose to give will go towards providing more of our health-boosting treats to dogs in need.

Join us in our mission to extend the lives and enhance the health of pets everywhere. Click 'Donate Now' to support our cause.